Love Inspires

By Nicole Body

When I was dating my husband before we got married, I found myself doing some weird things. I was singing love songs all the time at the top of my lungs, giggling way more than normal, and I would brush my teeth twice before seeing him (hey, you never know!) I saw something in me welling up inside: love. 

I think if there’s nothing else that we see from this, we can see that love inspires. It does something to us and moves us to do the unexpected, go the extra mile,  or…

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. –John 15:13

Wait, what?

As we approach this Easter, I’ve found myself thinking about how radically Jesus loves. He was beaten, mocked, spit on, bruised, and eventually killed. For what? Me? You? I mean, writing a song, poem, or even buying a gift for someone who was nice to you is one thing, but dying for someone who is terrible to you? Definitely not a top priority on my list.

So what could possibly inspire Jesus to love like this?

Well the answer is simple. God is love and it is in his very nature to mend what has been broken. Since the fall, we have been separated from God by our sin. God sent Jesus to bring us back in relationship with him and did so by becoming the perfect sacrifice wearing the weight of the world’s sin on his shoulders on the cross. This is a type of love that the world had never seen before.

My prayer for you and for me as we continue through this season of Lent is that we take the love that Jesus has for us and share it with the world. That we inspire others to love one another how Jesus loves and experience the type of love that God intended for us.