The Mundane

By Stephanie Schannuth

Emilie Griffin speaks of a spirituality that is "close-to-the-ground". It's a matter of finding God in the everyday; knowing Jesus as "the God who desires to be present to us in ordinary circumstances".  She writes about Therese Martin, a woman who became well known after her death as "The Little Flower" because she believed in expressing her devotion to God in small ways and through menial tasks.  To Therese, it was more about surrendering to Jesus by doing little actions of love, whether it was folding laundry, sewing, or serving others through random acts of kindness.  

I can relate to Therese in many ways.  Often times my days are filled with what feels like mundane tasks.... folding laundry, picking up after a little guy, driving bigger guys around here and there, making dinner.... it seems to never end.  However, I believe that God is honored and glorified by these menial tasks, especially when they are carried out with a heart full of love for the people you are doing them for.  

I began this Lenten journey with a prayer of surrender.  I asked God to empty me of all of my false needs; recognition, approval, and adequacy, and fill me instead with His presence and security in Him alone.  I wanted to be void of all fears and full of sufficiency in Him.  Throughout this process, God has shown me that life with Him is about being emptied of anything and everything that isn't pleasing to him.  It's God plus nothing.... and it doesn't necessarily require huge mountaintop experiences.  Our simple, everyday tasks can become a way of getting closer to Him.  

Where will you find Him today?

Seek Him amidst the mundane; He is faithful to reveal Himself if we are looking.