The Intersection

I was recently filling out some paperwork that asked me to list some of my hobbies.  I wrote down reading, writing, knitting, card making and a few others. After I finished completing the paperwork, I thought it might appear to someone reading this that I either live at the local senior center, or I have way too much time on my hands.  Neither of which is true.

The truth is that reading is probably my favorite hobby or pastime.  I’m curious if you enjoy reading?  What do you like read?  Fiction? Nonfiction? Self-help? Historical pieces? Romance? Suspense? Maybe it’s not books at all.  Maybe you prefer reading blogs, articles, or Pinterest.  And perhaps you are facing summer, the prime reading season, and you are unsure what to pack in your suitcase or pool bag.

We might be able to help.

I’m so excited to announce our first series for The Intersection.  We, as writers, are going to share with you some of our favorite Christian reads.  We will not be giving book reviews, but instead share with you how a certain book, or chapter, or even sentence has impacted our life and faith. 

We believe that we are on this life and faith journey together.  It gets messy sometimes, at least this side of heaven.  Our hope is that this blog will give you a place to disconnect from the mundane for a few minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while we meet at The Intersection.