Grace on Tap

See to it that no one misses the grace of God...

Hebrews 12:15

Philip Yancey’s new book, Vanishing Grace: Whatever Happened to the Good News is filled with wisdom nuggets for those who want to be grace-dispensers, i.e., Grace on Tap. Philip Yancey says that the Kingdom of God exists for the sake of outsiders as a tangible expression of God’s love for them. We are often asked, “Where is God in the world today?” A good answer might be: everywhere. In the riskiest plot twist of all, God has been turned loose—in us and through us. This is done through ordinary people like you and me!

As I thought about Grace on Tap, I thought of Dorothy. We were in our late 20’s and Larry’s job sent us to the heart of Australia for two years. Our little church in this town of 5000 had few expenses—no paid preacher, small rental fee on the building we used to meet—so we searched for opportunities to share in our community. Some of us went to the local social services offices and inquired about those contacting them who were ineligible for government assistance but who really needed help. We said we wanted to help those people, and that’s how we met Dorothy.

Dorothy and her four small daughters had been abandoned by their husband and dad. Since he had been gone for less than six months, Dorothy did not qualify for government aid. Our little church paid her rent and utilities until she qualified. I took Dorothy and her four girls in my little red Maverick to grocery shop, see the doctor, and other errands. They loved to come to our house. She quickly consented to us taking the girls to church. She had a free Sunday morning!

After our friendship had rolled on for about six months, I asked her one day if she would like to study the Bible with us. To my surprise, she consented. I was elated! The first time we met, after a short discussion, she said to us, “I want to be like you. I want what you have. Please share it with me.” That night she gave her life to Jesus and was baptized. We continued our study and to share our lives with Dorothy and her girls until we left the Land Down Under.

This experience was burnt on my heart. Most people draw conclusions about the Christian faith by observing the lives of ordinary believers, not by studying doctrine. Perhaps the most powerful thing we can do to communicate to a skeptical world is to live in such a way that exhibits proof that Jesus’ way leads to a better life. God has a plan to speak into the world and that plan is us—his people. There is no Plan B. We respond to the grace that we have received by giving it away. We are Grace on Tap.

See to it that no one misses the grace of God...

Carol Keller is a wife, mom, grandmother, and Bible teacher. Some of her favorite things are her husband, her three grandsons, her friends, beaches, anything coconut, bluegrass music, flip-flops, and words. She loves to read words, write words, and say words. Too many of them.