When Life Happens

Connected by Erin Davis interested me, because I thought it would be helpful in ministry to find out why many women struggle with connecting and often withdraw from the community of others. Her logic is sound and she makes some interesting points in how to understand and minister to women as a whole. I thought it was going to be a useful tool to do ministry better. Always good, right? It just wasn’t my problem. Or was it?

As an introvert, when I truly connect it’s deeply and with only a handful of people. That’s okay because that’s who I am, I told myself. Connection can happen within many layers and over many years and I was just fine with my layers and the years it took to develop them. I also enjoy new connections and the process of growing deeper in friendship, however, the process takes longer for some of us than others. That’s okay too.

Then life happened unexpectedly.

I stumbled and fell at my sister’s house and crushed the bridge of my nose, fractured it in four places, got a hairline fracture in my lower jaw, a mild concussion and two deep cuts above my nose and eyebrow.  To top it off, I can’t wear my glassed for over ten weeks. That means that I can’t read.  If you’ve ever suffered a broken nose then you understand the pain, swelling and time it takes to recover and that is just the first go round of letting the swelling go down. The next step was surgery to graft and rebuild my crushed nose.

My first instinct was to withdraw.

That surprised me.

Grant it, I hurt and I was on some pain meds that made me sleep most of the day, but when someone offered to prepare meals for us, I said it wasn’t necessary.  My husband and family took care of me and we got by. My son took me shopping and bought me a magnifying glass so I could read. We got by. My energy level was still around 40% of normal and it took me all day just to do a load of laundry between napping. But, we got by. I can type on a keyboard without looking, so I got by.

After my surgery, my friend asked again to bring meals by and again I said it wasn’t necessary. She arranged to have them sent anyway. I’m glad she did. The meals were a life saver.

Krista Keane and Lisa Fischer took parts of my responsibilities in Women’s Ministry without hesitation and told me not to worry about a thing as I heal. I haven’t. They are the best!

What would I have done without the community of women surrounding me and being the hands and feet of Jesus on my behalf? I’m so glad I let them in, but is was up to me to let them in. Be who you are, take whatever time seems to fit you, but don’t withdraw. Hang in there. Connect!

My name is Judy Creviston. I’m married, a mother and grandmother. I love to quilt, sew and learn new crafts. It brings me joy to see women grow in Christ and flourish in serving Him.