God designed us to do life together

Life groups meet weekly in homes and are a great place to engage in relationships that will help you become more like Jesus.  Relationships require us to be purposeful in allowing ourselves to be challenged, stretched, and held accountable. Life Groups are centered around biblical topics from the Sunday messages. Each week, a leader will facilitate healthy discussion that respects everyone's spiritual journey. Together, we grow as disciples who disciple others.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How is a Life Group different from a Bible Study?

Bible Studies are a deep dive into the head knowledge of the Bible, whereas Life Groups are concerned with the heart knowledge of God’s Word. Bible Studies are cerebral in nature and typically occur in a classroom setting with a teacher/student atmosphere. Life Groups are relational and usually take place in the homes of our Life Group leaders. Rather than having a "teacher", Life Groups have an intentional leader. Here at Southeast, all our Life Groups consist of five major components: 1) Biblical Foundation. 2) Intentional Leadership. 3) Relational Environment 4) Reproducible Process  5) Churchwide Alignment.

2. I’m already in a Bible Study; why do I need to be in another thing?

(See the answer to question one for more context.) We are hardwired for relationship. God himself is relational in nature, He is 3 in 1. He is the Creator who has eternally fought to have a relationship with us, his creation. Relationships happen best in groups where there is an intentional pursuit and a heavy emphasis on a heart relationship with God and with others. We need relationships; there are ways of interacting with people that can only happen within the context of relationship. How else can we experience and live out the fruit of the Spirit? 

Jesus replied: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."   Matthew 22:37

3. What can I expect?

When you attend a Life Group, you can expect a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere that consists of normal, everyday people who are seeking to grow in relationship with God and others.

4. What is expected of me?

Life Groups are great places to mature as a disciple of Jesus. You will get out of a Life Group what you put in to it. You can start by showing up, bringing your truest self, and contributing when you feel comfortable.

5. How many people are in a Life Group?

Our Life Groups consist of anywhere between 6 to 14 people.

6. Do I have to be with people my own age?

We want to help you find your fit. We start with three basic types to choose from. Men, Women, and Mixed. Men’s group consists of all men, women’s consist of all women, and mixed is where everyone is welcome.

7. How often do life groups meet?

Here at Southeast, we encourage our Life Groups to meet weekly. We have found that this frequency is the most conducive to fostering the types of relationships people are longing to develop.

8. Is childcare available?

Each Life Group is different and will determine whether their group will offer some form of childcare. Select the "Children Welcome" box in the search criteria to see the Life Groups that offer some form of childcare. The group leader can provide you with the specific details before attending.

9. What do I need to bring?

We suggest that you bring your truest self and a Bible if you have one.

10. Do I have to be well-versed in scripture to attend?

Being well-versed in scripture is not necessary. Every Life Group is made up of people at various stages of their walk with the Jesus and the goal of Life Group is to seek spiritual maturity together in a relational environment.

11. What if I am single?

Individuals who are single are welcome in every type of group. You can be single and attend a Life Group that has married couples, single people, divorced people and/or widowed people. It depends on your preference and comfort level. You also have the option to attend a Men’s only or Women’s only group.

12. Where do life groups meet?

Life Groups typically meet in homes of the leaders. Other groups meet exclusively online. Some groups could be a hybrid of these options.

13. Who leads life groups?

Life Groups are led by regular people just like you. There is no "teacher", simply an intentional leader in a relational environment. There’s no need for seminary or a theological degree, Life Group leaders are people who are earnestly in pursuit of Jesus. These leaders are shepherded and cared for by our Life Group pastors who also oversee the group.

14. What if I join a group and it’s not a good fit?

No problem! Our Life Groups pastors will help you find the group that best fits your needs.

15. Does a person have to be a part of this church or even a Christian to be in a life group?

Non-church members and/or non-Christians are welcomed to visit, attend, or join any of our Life Groups.