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Scattered: Week 4 (Sermon Notes)

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Big Idea: In a dramatic move, God showed the apostle Peter that no one is “unclean,” that is, outside the boundaries of God’s acceptance. To this day, many of us struggle to live as though that principle were true. Yet, God is still working through his church to break down any boundaries that would separate people from finding their place in the community of the church.

Passage: Acts 10

Discuss It:

  1. When has a seemingly small errand or job for the Lord turned out to be more significant than you thought?
  2. Instead of reading the entire story, ask if someone in your group can summarize what happens in Acts 10.
  3. The Jewish laws (including the food laws) were something that God had fulfilled in Jesus. While these laws were God-given, it’s not unusual for Christians to have man-made rules and regulations that prevent us from reaching out to people different than us. What are some that come to mind? Why do we abide by them? Have you ever experienced criticism for going against them?
  4. Peter’s dream was one way that God prepared Peter to share the gospel with Cornelius. How do you feel like God is preparing you?
  5. In his message, Phil taught that Peter’s “aha moment” was the realization that my holiness doesn’t belong to me. What are the implications of this statement for the way that you relate to others? What does this mean for any pride we might have in our own righteousness?

Apply It:

  • What is the one thing you need to take away from this study?
  • What will help you remember it?

Is there anything that needs to change in your thinking, actions, or relationships as a result?

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