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Upside Down: Week 3

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Big Idea: One day a crippled man asked two Jesus-followers - Peter and John - for some money, and the man ended up getting way more than he ever expected… he was healed! What Jesus did for that man’s legs is a symbol of what Jesus wants to do for all of us. And as Peter and John explained that day, we can all get in on the healing.

Passage: Acts 3:1-19

Discuss It:

  1. Most of us take mobility for granted. Imagine that you were going to be stuck in one city, town, or location for the rest of your life. Where would you choose to be? Why?
  2. In his message this past weekend, Ben mentioned the question that many people ask when they see the faith that other people have, but find themselves thinking, “Why doesn’t this work for me?” Do you ever find yourself wondering why you don’t seem to have the same experiences of faith, blessing, worship, prayer, etc. as someone else? Explain.
  3. Read Acts 3:1-9. What’s the significance of the Apostles saying to the man, “Look at me”? How does that challenge the way we interact with the needs around us?
  4. Ben mentioned that the crippled man wanted money but he received a miracle. What have you been hoping for or asking God for lately? Does this story challenge you to think bigger? If so, how?
  5. Read Acts 3:12-19. Peter and John are quick to point out that Jesus is the real healer (not they themselves). How are we tempted in our culture to put our trust in human leaders, especially in our own American culture?  Why is it we so often point to our "lead" pastors or politicians or celebrities as the models of what the good life looks like?  What dangers do we open ourselves up to by locating our hope in a human leader?
  6. In his message, Ben said “God is more concerned with healed hearts than healed legs.” How was the man’s crippled state symbolic of the spiritual state of the people of Israel? Of us today? What response does God hope to see from each of us (see vs. 19)?

Apply It:

  • What is the one thing you need to take away from this study?
  • What will help you remember it?
  • Is there anything that needs to change in your thinking, actions, or relationships as a result?

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