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"I was raised in the LDS church. Our family was faithful to the church and I was baptized at age 8, but then everything changed when I was 16. My parents divorced and at a time when I needed to feel the comfort of God the most by the church, I was pushed away and told hurtful things about my parents and family. And so I made the decision to leave the church and not look back.

I always believed in God and Jesus, but it wasn’t until I turned 20 that my faith was tested at a whole new level. I was diagnosed with brain cancer. 4 years later, the cancer came back again. I went through chemo, radiation and brain surgery all over again, this time as the mom of a 6 month old. I was on a dark path - frustrated by the circumstances and angry at God, I turned to pain medication to help bring relief to my body and my mind. I believed that it was God’s fault that I was sick and on top of everything else, I was now an addict.

With my life falling apart, I found myself in an NA meeting. It was there that I was able to start unknotting the pain and the frustration of my life. I will never forget the words that a dear friend spoke over me during that time,

"Do you not think that God is big enough to take your anger? He is perfect; He made you and the world! Do you not think he can take your anger too?”

So I gave myself permission to be angry, but instead of walking away from God with that anger, I brought it to Him. I began asking questions about who God is and seeking His heart. And He showed me that He only wants good for me and that He will hold my hand and walk with me through all of life. The good and the bad.

We then began attending Southeast and have found our family here. Jesus takes center stage in our home and most importantly, in my life. We have friendship and support and a God who never leaves us. And tonight, after I make the public declaration of my faith through baptism, I will walk into my NA meeting and receive my 5 year coin for being clean.

All praise to Jesus, the great Redeemer!" Kristie Noblitt

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