Parents of Prodigal Children


Parents, do you have a son/daughter who is an addict, rebel, or canceled you out? Do you feel discouraged and no one understands your situation? Does God seem distant throughout the turmoil with your child?

We are starting an 8-week support group for parents of prodigals on Wed, Jan 25, 2023, from 6-7:30 pm through Mar 15, 2023. We will share our journey dealing with our son’s addiction and daughters canceling us out. We pray that we can provide Biblical help, hope, and loving support for those who come. Topics to be covered:

  • Living with judgment from others
  • Embracing forgiveness
  • Letting your prodigal bear consequences
  • Facing hard reality
  • Understanding why
  • Battling anger and bitterness
  • Kindling affection for your prodigal
  • Being content with the sovereign choices of God
  • Living with the silence of heaven
  • Keeping your hope in God
  • Living with sadness
  • Testing the sufficiency of God’s grace

The support group’s purpose is to share God’s love and grace with parents of prodigals and provide a period of support to help them process, reflect, and turn their hearts toward God while inviting God’s healing presence.

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