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Foundations | Spiritually Disciplined Life
October 1, 2023
Aaron Couch
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Foundations | Spiritually Disciplined Life

Welcome to Southeast’s Online Campus

Church is no longer limited by buildings or geography. We love gathering together in person, but that isn’t possible for everyone, all the time. Our hope is that Southeast at home gives you a chance to gather together in worship, connect with others, and find resources that will encourage and enrich you.

Join us online Sundays | 9, 11 AM, & 7 PM
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Foundations | Spiritually Disciplined Life
October 1, 2023
Worship Center
Aaron Couch

Maximize your at-home experience

Create Space for God to Move
When trying to connect with God, it is important to remove as many distractions as possible. Take a few moments to eliminate anything that might divert your attention from God’s presence. Also, invite friends and family to join you for this worship experience.

Practice Community
Whether it’s your family and friends or the rest of the Online Campus, we are called to be in community, so while you are worshiping, you are encouraged to engage with others.

You are a Worship Leader
The way you worship will influence how those around you encounter God's presence. Consider what it means for you to model what meaningful, sacrificial worship looks like.