Sabbath, Living from Rest - Day 1 | July 12, 2023


Jesus said, “Come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest.” This plan is an invitation to partake in God’s abiding rest with many practical ways to make rest a lifestyle. This one discipline could deepen your intimacy with God and change the fruitfulness of your life.

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An Invitation and Gift

Note: There are clear differences between the terms Sabbath and rest, but for the purpose of expressing my study and testimony, I may interchange them to mean the holy, appointed celebration of rest.

Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light,” but as the mother of seven, I worried much and slept little. My bitter internal refrain became, “There is no rest for the weary.” Even as I whispered this untruth, I knew it contradicted the gorgeous, gracious character of God. I tried on a number of occasions to institute rest in my day and even add a day of rest each week for our family with little success.

Years passed. One day, a favorite student (I was her high school Bible teacher at the time) urged me to listen to a podcast that had blessed her immensely. Of course, I made time right away. As the teaching unfolded, the podcast hosts expounded on Genesis chapter one. I understood that in addition to the profound revelation of how God created the heavens and earth, holy beyond comprehension, the creation narrative was also a type of poem called a chiasm. And folded into the exact center was a hidden treasure, a single Hebrew word. My curiosity rose. The word? —Moed (mo-ade’).

This word falls in creation-day four when God creates the sun, moon and stars to mark the seasons (Gen. 1:14). The New International Version translates it “sacred times.” Moed includes the celebration of Sabbaths, festivals, parties—rest. (I will share biblical examples of this powerful word in day two of this plan.)

I remember exactly where I was standing when this “hidden treasure” pierced my heart. Shaken, I fell to my knees on the spot. I think I was so impacted because as I shared, rest was an aspect of God’s character I was longing, even fainting to experience but didn’t know how. That moment, still on my knees, God’s personal invitation to experience Him as Author of Rest opened before me. Submitted and sober, honored and delighted, my response was YES!

In the next days I formally presented the Lord with a gift: I promised to give Him an entire year of celebrating a 24-hour Sabbath, a full day of rest once a week.

If you are wondering…I’ve never looked back. I am now one year plus into the journey of discovering how God rests in me as I rest in Him, how Sabbath is His gift to me and my gift to Him. What joy! Living from rest is a position I will always honor.

Over the next days of this plan, I would like to share my journey and discoveries. May I begin at the beginning with an overview of the biblical mandate for rest? After this foundation I’d love to share some principles and practicalities of a lifestyle of delight in the Lord, Our Rest.

Read Genesis 1

Read Genesis 2:1-2