Revelation: Church of Sardis, Choose Life | May 27, 2023

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When my husband was in high school, he took a mission trip to Haiti. He remembers someone asking a local pastor why, did they suppose, America wasn’t influenced by Voodoo like Haitians were. “That’s easy,” the man said. “The Enemy uses materialism in America to...

God Has Not Forgotten You | May 26, 2023

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Have you ever been in that space where God seems to be silent? Friend, I've been there. Today I have the privilege of writing a devotion for Proverbs 31 Ministries called God Has Not Forgotten You, and I invite you to read it by Clicking Here. To read my writing bio, Click...

Revelation: The Church of Sardis, Wake Up! | May 25, 2023

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A game I like to play is settling into a comfy chair with my book and blanket to read for the next 2 hours and fall asleep in 10 minutes. I’m so cozy! Maybe it’s the warm fire or the rain on my roof, the soft chair and blanket… none of these bodes well for staying alert and...